What’s the number #2 regret of all brides?

Not booking a Wedding Film.

“What’s number #1?” I hear you ask. Surprisingly its Not Wearing a Veil. We can’t really help with the veil but we can tick your Wedding Film off your Bridal to-do list by booking your wedding date in here.

So many brides that we meet have a fear they “wont be present” or that they will “miss the whole day”. And it’s true what they say, it is the best day of your life but it can go by so very fast. Enter our famous Memory Films. We create beautiful, natural, candid and moving films of your Big Day that capture all the laughs, the tears, the details and the dance moves. Put all your fears and anxieties aside knowing that we will capture and bottle all of your memories in one of our beautiful little films.

Save the date

If you have any questions or would like to discuss booking a Memory Film for your wedding,
give us a call on (02) 8866 4790 or drop us a line.

For more info on logistics + pricing, simply have a squiz at our Packages.

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