Let’s Elope!

Let’s Elope!

Let’s be honest, 2020 may not have turned out like many of us had imagined. A new decade promised a fresh start and for so many, big wedding plans were all the chatter. But the reality of 2020 looks a little different. People have lost homes (cue, bushfires), jobs (thanks, corona), not to mention, loved ones (hello, global pandemic), special milestones and forever memories.


BUT if we let the doom and gloom swallow us whole, it will. And one thing the world hasn’t given up on is, L O V E. And with this comes the biggest wedding trend of the year…elopements. Because there are lovers out there that have marriage written in their story and when life gives you lemons (in the form of square meterage restrictions, canceled dance floors and zero international travel) you make some sweet elopement lemonade.


Eloping bears its roots in the idea of two starcrossed lovers setting off for a romantic and secretive adventure, only to return with sun tans and rings on their fingers. But the modern world has transformed elopement into new meanings, where brides and grooms are after something more personal, more intimate, thoughtful and special. Not to mention the added bonus of saving costs and the exciting flare of spontaneity.

Eloping means your day can be exactly how you want it, no answering to venue rules or that micromanaging Aunty, just a beautiful step towards an incredible marriage.

And all you need is a celebrant to make it legal, a photographer to document the feels, a videographer so you can relive it and a florist to make it pretty and special. Whether you gather a handpicked selection of your nearest and dearest or ride solo with your love, the options are aplenty, but the hassle is non-existent. And don’t get us wrong, we by no means wish to dismiss those who dream of a lavish affair. For some brides and grooms, bigger really is better. And when the world is healed this is how many will choose to celebrate. But we can’t help but be excited about the new look elopement style wedding that can be in the back yard of an Airbnb, at a secluded waterfall, a private beach or your parents house. Maybe your original wedding plans have been postponed, maybe your newly engaged and ready to plan or maybe you’re just looking for something different. An elopement is stepping into forever with less fuss, but not without all the things that make a wedding day magic.

Fancy an elopement style wedding day, but don’t know where to start? Find our exclusive elopement package here to discover how your dream day can come together with ease. We’ve put together some seriously awesome humans that want to help you make your elopement possible.


We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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The Small Biz Package (that ScoMo will pay for…)

The Small Biz Package (that ScoMo will pay for…)

There’s no denying that 2020 has thrown us through the ringer. Our world has been turned upside down and our businesses have suffered. The all consuming and very disruptive effects of the bushfires and corona virus have forced us to rethink our new normal. But there’s a beam of light! This is where The Story of Us can step in and lend a helping hand. As a small business, we have had a moment to pause, breathe and marinate on who we are, what we stand for, the clients we want to attract and the brand we aspire to be. And that’s the silver lining, right? We have the opportunity to invest in the future of our businesses, and not just come back stronger, but finally take everything to the next level.

A double rainbow amidst the coronavirus hail storm is that the Aus Government is footing the bill with the announcement of the Small Business COVID-19 Recovery Grant.

  This allows eligible small businesses to apply for a grant of up to $3000 to revitalise their brand and regain their strength. Think of it like a really good face serum or a body pump class. Both designed to make you look and feel great and revamp your image. This grant means that safely reopening is on the cards and putting your best foot forward is where we step in. There’s no doubt that a strong online presence is everything in this climate. But when we’re all “on the line”, how do you stand out? It’s all about creating unique content that speaks directly to your audience, breathing new life into your brand with a refresh, updating your website and managing it with flare and incorporating video into your repertoire. This grant can boost your comms and marketing collateral to feel all shiny again and if digital solutions like e-commerce or a sparkly new website have been on your list – now. is. the. time. And we totally get it, before now, we have had valid excuses. We’re far too busy, we don’t have the resources, the cashflow, we don’t have the creative energy, or our vision has been clouded. But now is our chance. The world is different, so we need to be different, and it is not too late to turn this $h%t show around and make this next chapter our best yet!

The Story of Us is excited to deliver our Small Business Facelift Package, which you can fund through the grant (thanks ScoMo) that will give you the tools to take your biz to serious new heights. Introducing…

$3000 including:

  • Business review of current marketing and advertising strategy
  • Refresh on business communications strategy
  • Digital Marketing Plan
  • Refresh on your Brand Identity and framework (Logo design, letterhead design, business card design)
  • Creation of a self-managed website (5 pages)
  • Business review of current branding and framework
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • E-Commerce Add on
  • Domain migration (if applicable)
  • Set up of online shop
  • Blog Creation bundles
  • Staff Photoshoot
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Amanda + Richard

Amanda + Richard

When I visited Eventful Spaces’ venue The Glue Factory in Glasgow last year I was immediately inspired by its urban, industrial personality. It felt like the biggest blank-canvas opportunity for a really alternative, fun and creative wedding design. 

So, together with the team at Eventful spaces, we hatched a plan to create the wedding of our dreams, in a styled editorial shoot. We were honoured to gather together some extraordinary wedding creatives to join us on creating this mood and what they all brought to the table really inspired us. Moody, unique, interesting and alternative creative for what turned into an alchemic bomb of creative goodness. 

At the heart of this shoot are real life lovers, Amanda and Richard Davies, who, although already married 4 years ago, brought an authenticity and heart to the wild and rebellious style we planned for their dream wedding. Amanda was stoked, as she had actually ordered some smoke grenades for their actual wedding and they didn’t arrive until the day after. So she was excited to have a play with these. 

We were so inspired by the creativity and imagination of everyone who contributed to this shoot. Thank you Glasgow, for welcoming us with open arms and working with us on creating something really special. We’re obsessed with the light, air, foliage, rebellious nature and imagination of Scotland’s wedding scene and can’t wait to tell more local stories.

Lu + Rich

Lu + Rich


Creative Direction + Planning : The Story of Us

Venue: Forget Me Not Weddings

Videography: The Story of Us

Structures: Byron Bay Tipi Weddings, Sperry Tents Australia

Photography: Janneke Storm for The Story of Us

Celebrant: Byron Bay Celebrant

Floral Design: Bower Botanicals

Styling + Furniture: The Wedding Shed + Hampton Event Hire

Stationery + Signage (and coconuts!): The Story of Us

Bride’s Gown: One Day Bridal

Bride’s Jewellery: Christie Nicolaides

Bridesmaids: Cloud Hunter / Revolve

Bridesmaids Jewellery: Nicole Fendel

Grooms Party: MJ Bale

Flower Girls: Tea Princess

Tamara + Howie

Tamara + Howie

Our famous Memory Films are called so because they are crafted to look and feel just like your memories – whimsical, candid and romantic. We pride ourselves on telling your unique story, creating beautiful, cinematic films that feel just like you and capture a moment in time, forever. We work intimately with music and moving image and provide a friendly and artistic experience for our couples followed by a beautiful, treasured final cut.